An Overview of the Climate in Denver

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Denver is the capital of Colorado, where people love to have loads of fun when they’re not working. The city has a fabulous weather and any time of the year would be perfect for outdoor activities. With friendly residents, elegant restaurants, and excellent bars, your time in the city will be truly memorable. Besides, Denver also has a lively arts and music scene.

You can explore its natural beauty when you go hiking on its mountains. There are some good bike paths and parks in the city as well. Before you embark on a tour of Denver, you’d like to know more about its climate. So, let’s see how the four seasons are in this part of Colorado.

1. Spring

Denver enjoys its spring season from April to May. This is the time when the spring breakers have left and the sunbathers haven’t arrived yet. You’ll see lesser crowds in various parts of the city. This is the right time to get around in Colorado’s capital and explore its popular attractions. The climate would be extremely pleasant during this season, but it also brings the possibility of a snowstorm.

You’ll have many fun events happening across the city during this time of the year. The restaurants and bars also host massive parties that often reach the streets. If you don’t wish to join the revelry, make sure you stay away from the downtown. They can get crowded during weekends owing to the events and parades.

2. Summer

Summer arrives in the city in June and lasts until August. A regular afternoon rain brings some respite when the day gets hot. It also makes the evening perfect for going to a concert at Red Rocks. During summers, the crowds get bigger. However, you’ll have plenty of choices in outdoor activities.

You’ll see all the food and fashion trucks come together at the Civic Center. Over 20 farmers’ markets host the festive and weekly street fairs in the city. The art and music fairs add to the excitement in the parks. Summer is also an ideal time to embark on a hiking trip to the mountains.

3. Fall

The fall season begins in September and lasts until November. You’ll experience the best climate in Denver during fall. Temperatures remain consistent throughout the day and the atmosphere is dry. Spend every second under the sky if you can in this season.

This is one of the best times of the year to head to the parks and mountains. You can also go on bike rides through the city and stop at some breweries for refreshments. Taking a drive to the high country would also be a good idea. It allows you to witness the aspens change to gold.

4. Winter

Winter from December to March would be the right time to head to the mountains for skiing. The room rates in hotels will drop a bit, but the weather is quite unpredictable. There are days when the temperature shows 75 degrees and the very next day there’ll be snow.

Spring break in March brings in massive crowds, especially to the mountains. The airport gets busy as people arrive to enjoy spring break in Denver. Winter is the time when theater-goers throng the performance venues. They host everything from Broadway shows and operas to ballets and comedies.

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