Best Options for Getting Around in Denver

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While exploring Denver, you might want to choose more affordable means of transportation. For this purpose, you’ll need to understand the city’s Regional Transportation District, which is popularly called RTD. Denver is a charming city to explore, but not all tourists use ride-sharing services. Besides, if you are traveling on a tight budget, you might not be able to rent a car.

This is where RTD buses and trains come across as the cost-effective options. The bus system of RTD is the city’s primary choice in public transportation. However, you can also use RTD’s light rail system to get to your desired spot in the city.

The fare zones

Light rail and bus service is included in the local fare service. Another service included in local fare service are local services to the airport. Call-n-Ride service for individuals having mobility problems also comes under the local fare service. Bus and rail service covering a larger portion of Denver’s metroplex are included in the regional service. It also has expanded routes to the airport.

There are four fare zones under the RTD, namely A, B, C, and airport. If you choose to travel in one or two of these zones, it will be considered a local fare. The regional fare applies if you choose to travel in three zones. If you start or end your trip in the Airport zone, it will be considered as an airport fare.

Bus lines

There are many individual routes and miles of bus lines in Denver’s RTD. The bus system is the city’s primary means of public transport. It is also the best way to reach your desired destination in the city.

Rail system

You must use the train system of Denver if you’ll be covering a lot of ground. The city’s rail system includes the Commuter Rail and Light Rail. They’re the first train system of the city and help you get from one neighborhood to the other easily. The rail systems in Denver currently cover 13 district rail lines and 113 miles of rail. Let’s take a look at the two options of the city’s rail system:

1. RTD Light Rail

The Light Rail is a great option to get through multiple neighborhoods quickly. Although it’s more confined compared to Commuter Rail system, the service runs through many parts of the Denver metroplex. Multiple lines of this service stop frequently throughout Denver.

2. RTD Commuter Rail

When compared to the Light Rail routes, you’ll find the routes on the Commuter Rail system typically longer. They also stop less frequently. The RTD Commuter Rail is similar to the Light Rail, but has different routes and trains.

Fares and passes

You can use day passes for multiple rides and they’re valid on RTD for one service day. The monthly pass would be useful if you plan on using the services of RTD frequently during an extended stay. Also included in an all day and monthly pass is the service to the airport. If you’re using a ticket book, you’ll need to pay a small upgrade fee. You can transfer passes between the bus and rail services.

Discount in fares of RTD are available for those over 65 years of age. Children aged 6 to 19 and individuals with disabilities are also eligible for discounted fares. Active military personnel with proper identification and children under 5 can use RTD service free of charge.

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